Flutter Course Syllabus at Varanasi Software Junction. Learn Flutter in Varanasi and elsewhere.

Flutter Training Syllabus

Flutter is the latest App Development technology in the market. It allows the developer to make apps for Android, IOS, Web, Windows and also Mac. Yes!, you got it right. You can make apps using the same codebase.

You can join the course at Varanasi  Software Junction and become a Flutter Developer in 3 months flat.

Topics to be covered in this 3 months course.

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About us

Flutter Training at Varanasi Software junction. This is based at Varanasi Software Junction Location. Our phone number is 09335874326,in case you re calling from outside then add the India country code 91. Complete phone number would be +919335874326.

Training Sessions

  1. Beginning Flutter Development

    1. Setting up a new Flutter Project using Android Studio

    2. Understanding the Widget Tree, using existing Flutter widgets for UI design.

    3. Using Images.

    4. Using the Text widget

    5. Using Icons for App for Apps

    6. Run Apps on Emulator and Physical Devices

  2. UI Design

    1. Use Hot Reload and Hot Restart

    2. Use the pubsc.yaml file for managing assets

    3. Use custom image assets, fonts and icons. Material Icons class.

    4. Use the widgets build method for hot reload

    5. Use Columns, Rows, Containers and Cards

    6. Expanded Widget.

    7. Build a sample design.

  3. Stateful and Stateless Widgets

    1. Dart Variables,Data Types and Functions.

    2. Use callbacks

    3. User Interaction

    4. Understanding State Management and using the setState method

    5. Build a Stateful App.

  4. Use Dart Package Manager

    1. Import packages

    2. Audio Playing

    3. Functions and arrows.

    4. Lists and Conditionals

    5. Classes and Objects

    6. Constructors and Design patterns

    7. Structuring and Organizing Flutter Apps

  5. Themes and Widgets Combination

    1. Refactoring Widgets

    2. Combining Widgets

    3. Final and const

    4. Functions as first class objects

    5. Functions as arguments

    6. Multi screen flutter apps using routes and Navigator

    7. Composition and inheritance 

    8. Async/Wait and Futures API

    9. Stateful Widgets Lifecycle

    10. Exception handling

    11. Controlling Null problems

    12. Use http for getting live data from open APIs

    13. Parsing JSON data using dart:convert library.

    14. Passing state data to State objects via stateful widget.

    15. Use TextField widget for getting user input

    16. Passing data backwards using Navigator

  6. Animations

    1. Hero Animations

    2. Animation Controller and creating custom animations

    3. Using Dart Mixins

    4. Using Firebase Cloud Firestore

    5. Using firebase Auth

  7. Scrolling Listview

    1. Creating and destroying reusable elements

    2. Dartstreams

    3. Using StreamBuild

  8. State Management

    1. Manage state across widget tree

    2. Declarative Vs Imperative programming

    3. setState deeply

    4. Drilling and Lifting

    5. BottomSheet widget

    6. ListViewBuilder

    7. Manage state with provider package

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